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I met you on the edge of time Where the minutes of my span aren’t long. A fate wrapped up in clamorous rhyme, Near the end of a lover’s song.

You sauntered into me like light That shines a path behind a storm, And caught me unaware one night. A smiling face so soft and warm.

I fell when then I should have tried The hardest moment to resist The lure of love, but I denied That thought and chose instead your kiss.

And we were joined inside the cloud. It seemed as if you stood right here And I could touch you, though I’d vowed To never let a lover near.

I fell into your soul, and then I caught your fire straightaway. And I have burned each day again, And this is where I want to stay.

Let time be damned; it matters not. How long I’ve left to ponder you? I only know that I forgot All others whilst I fondly grew So deeply falling into you!

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